Not many web beginners know the fine line between “I need a website” and “I need hosting for my website.” And indeed, there is no one without the other. Coming across such a mystical world as ‘hosting,’ there is no better way to deal with it than asking professionals. eWeb is your personal advisor and a guide into a world of the best web hosting solutions. Consult with professional web hosting reviews and learn everything about web hosting together with eWeb.

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To users who have already done some research, the infinite number of web hosting companies does not come as a surprise. And it is so easy to get lost and forget what you are looking for. Not with our guide!

The menu above has been developed for ease of search across providers drawing on your needs. Want something simple and cheap? Find the shared and shared for WordPress plans by clicking on the first button. Have been familiar with shared type before and looking for an upgrade? We will help you find the ultimate VPS package with whatever extras you may need.

The sections of the guide also contain the lists of sort out providers based on the most popular hosting features. Check out what providers have the best offers for bloggers or for business and ecommerce people. Find all the packages from the top hosts that come with the most user-friendly control panel, the cPanel.

We hope that our Hosting Guide will put an end to users’ blindly searching for the best web hosting sites on the Internet and going with whatever one that claims to be the best. Instead, we suggest to follow our regularly updated ratings of providers and their offers.

Why Us?

eWeb experts monitor and review the top web hosting providers incessantly. We use online services and tools to conduct uptime and load speed measurements, as well as rely on our personal experience when rating the candidates. Find out all about our rating routine in the next section.

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We approach the rating process with utter responsibility. The main thing that we aim at figuring during the testing process is whether what they promise meets the reality. 99.9% uptime sounds cool but what if it is less? Besides, even the result of 0.01% downtime is not that perfect because it leaves 8.7 hours/per year for downtime.

Keeping such crucial details in mind, we’re having a close eye on each indicator, especially uptime. Here is the simplified description of how we do the hosting tests at eWeb:

  1. Choosing the most popular companies based on user feedbacks.
  2. Creating blank websites for testing purposes.
  3. Signing up with each type of hosting plan (at least one type by each provider.)
  4. Use specific analysis tools to measure page load speed and uptime.
  5. Publish the results in the form of reviews.

Tech analysis is great but it is not everything. There are things that require manual involvement such as the availability of website builders and control panels, bandwidth (usually identified as unlimited), quality of support. The latter is especially important if we talk about people who are new to site development and require round-the-clock availability of CS personnel.

Sure enough, there are no providers with equally ideal indicators – some have it better, some do a little worse. Even the best-performing ones tend to stumble sometimes, which is why we never rely on outdated information about them. In any case, hosts that fail to pass our minimum requirements never make it to any rating.  

Over the 10 years of existence, our team has had to deal with hundreds of hosting providers directly. We know exactly how to choose the right host and how to tell the worthy ones from ficklers. All that became available a decade ago with a bunch of web pros uniting into a team for bringing eWeb project to life.

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eWeb team is a union of five professionals of different specialties. Our efforts combined allow us to keep up with dozens of ongoing projects, of which eWeb is the priority. Basically, testing the performance of websites is a job that we would have been doing anyway since we are in a constant need of hosting for our websites. So, why not share the findings with others?

Those companies that you can see in the top-5 lists are being used by us personally. The credo that we go by is “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” We value our reputation and would not base our recommendations on prepayments from dubious providers. We are only grad to promote respectable and high quality sites that deserve to be promoted.


eWeb is an independent non-profit project devoted to web hosting. The website features the first-hand information on hosting providers, exclusive reviews, guides, and the like. The materials to be found on can be used by web newbies as well as by more experienced users in consulting purposes.