Best Blog Hosting Websites 2021

Picking a provider to host your own blog is a tiresome task. Assumingly you’ve already purchased a domain and/or created a dozen or two of articles, the primary one to solve now is to spot the best place to host a blog. And what it is and how to do it is what we will try to answer for you in the sections below. For starters, you are welcome to check out one of the best blog hosting sites that we recommend.

5 Best Blog Web Hosting

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Having taken our ten selected blog hosting sites for comparison, we tested them all to find the leader. InMotion scores high in many parameters, especially those that reflect spoiling customers with various handy tools and freebies. The choice of a starting blogger lagerly falls on the “WP” series by this provider. The resource base expands to maximum as you move from 1000s to 6000s plan. The pricing is above average, however, it delivers the best quality in the given price category.

What is blog hosting

Blogging is one of the most vivid means of self-expression and self-promotion nowadays. Why have people started creating blogs so rapidly? Because they can share something they are passionate about with the world by means of this amazing online activity. We can go over countless cases of people becoming online celebrities due to their shared content on shopping, style, fitness, cooking, etc. It is never too early or too late to start with doing what you love, which is what our readers know better than anyone. So, what should you start with?

Figuring out what blog hosting is and who needs it. In simple terms, it is a hosting that is best suitable for small websites category, which blogs fall under. Why is it singled out into a separate category? Because, usually, blogs are filled with textual content while websites aren’t limited to texts. Of course, the former can have photos, infographics, or videos, but these are not the key constituents. Also, blogs require frequent updates, every once a week or even more often. With ordinary sites, the information presented is rarely modified and complemented.

We advise looking through various blog hosting sites and learning more about hosting in general (which you can do with the help of eWeb.) The number of providers to offer such services are beyond measure. How to come to a decision? How to know this is the one, the best blog host you’ve been looking for?



Blog hosting types

There exist limited number of hosting types, each of which has its unique peculiarities. We’ve described them all in our main article. These same old shared, cloud, dedicated, VPS, etc. are applicable when we talk about blog host sites. A site owner upgrades to a more powerful plan when such a necessity arises.


The basic version of hosting that the lion’s share of sites start with. No matter which blog host you choose, the resources you get for a specific price are almost the same. There are more and less costly alternatives, there are free even. Finding the golden middle and keeping it in these bounds is the feasible thing to do.

Going with providers that no one ever heard of is not a very good idea because you basically trust your site to an untested source. Same goes for free plans. From personal experience, respectable providers do have discounts often but they never offer hosting for free.

With cheap blog hosting package, you get a space on a server that your site occupies together with numerous other sites. The prices range between $2-$10 per month. The tools and resources allocated are sufficient enough for beginning sites.




Hosting a blog in a unique cloud environment is a level-up in terms of resources and scalability. The factual difference is in where your site will be located. Cloud is an environment formed from the cluster of servers. It means that your site is on hundreds of servers at a time, which guarantees that the required resources will be found if your sites needs them.

Locating your precious materials on a cloud if the best blog hosting solution if you seek safety and guarantee of the reliability of resources.




A hosting for blogs with high traffic levels. It provides the resources that are more than enough for popular sites. The core thing to note is that it provides your website with a certain degree of privacy. You will be freed from worrying whether some of your so-called neighbors are getting too much traffic, or whether or not their poor reputation impacts your positions in Google.




Wow, your blog must be hitting the tops if you need a separate server! In this case, you gonna be giving away lots of money monthly (not nearly as much as you will earn) and, naturally, need to find the best host for your blog out of those available.

With a dedicated blog hosting services, you are, metaphorically speaking, renting a house. It is the most secure and safe type of web blog hosting.



Blog Hosting Sites Features

We’ve made it to the main question: “Where to host a blog?” It is an ordeal indeed, judging how many blog hosting websites one can find in search engines. And each one would want to offer you something quality and cost-saving. Don’t let yourself tricked by freebies and extra cheap services, however. Remember that truly the best blog hosts do not need to resort to extra promotional efforts to attract the clients.

You can identify and spot dubious providers if you rely on the list of features of reputable services hosting a blog.

  • Assured uptime and accessibility of resources

What happens when a visitor clicks on your site and the site is unavailable? Right, he or she would find the information, products or services on the next following website, while you lose a client. And all that because of a 10-minute downtime, which you might not be aware of.

A cheap blog host won’t be able to provide you with the 99.95% uptime (the golden indicator) due to bad servers, poor management, or everything at once. Even more so, it won’t care to supply you with additional resources when your website gets more visitors than expected. So, why put your business and reputation at risk?

  • Support of the most popular CMSs and control panels

Traditionally, blog hosting companies include tools for content and hosting management into hosting packages. They may go for free or not. As a person, not very adapt in web hosting, you want those to be the most easy-to-navigate tools that only exist. As some have guessed, we are talking about WordPress and cPanel.

Surely, there are many alternatives to both WP and cPanel, however, the top blog hosting sites usually offer them because of their versatility and ease of use. When choosing a plan, an automated installation for WordPress is a must.

  • Regular backup of files

No matter how secure your chosen provider claims to be, it must provide the backup storage for your files and databases. Very preferably, this storage should be located on a different server because, otherwise, if something happens it, both original files and backed up data will be lost.

Pick a blog host site that explains all these subtleties and openly reveals the server location, how frequently backups are created and where they are stored.

  1. Choice between managed and unmanaged services

The choice is all about the skills you have and the level of professional web hosting blog assistance you may require. The difference in pricing is also noticeable. Probably, you have no troubles managing your hosting yourself and see no reason to pay extra.

Managed plans are great, but there should not be only managed plans. Going with the most notorious providers, you always get a chance to decide what you need.

  1. Upgrade potential

Just getting started, you may not be thinking too far into the future. And it is likely that you should. Estimate where you want to be with your website in, say, 5 years. If you are quite ambitious about it do make sure that your chosen blog web hosting is able to supply this growth. In other words, find out what are the upgrade plans and how you will be able to move to another plan.

Usually, best blog hosting services are not without promotion capacities. To be more precise, there are more than enough – for all kind of sites and all kinds of budgets.

Hopefully, these features will navigate you a little bit in the world of blog host websites. It is not hard to tell a good one from a bad one, after all. This being the case, by choosing the best website to host a blog, you simultaneously succumb to paying high price. But what to do for those with temporary limited budget? That is right, picking the cheapest blog hosting out of the best blog host sites.

Cheap blog hosting

Inexpensive services aren’t necessarily of poor quality. For example, some of the biggest blog hosting sites can obtain low prices for their clientele due to the so-called “economies of scale” – the more customers a company provides a service to, the less costly it gets.

Based on our testing and analysis, we claim InMotion to be the best blog hosting site in this category. The perfect starter plan for a blog is “WP-1000s” that grants ample resources for accepting around 20,000 of visitors monthly. It also is supplied with unrestricted number of email accounts and bandwidth, so no need to worry about those at all. Extra features and tools are pleasant addons that are also included to the kit.



Best blog hosting platforms

Creating and managing your own blog is extremely convenient if you have the best blog hosting platform by your side. Who is the best in this niche? There are many options, in fact.


The first-rank blogging platform that allows you to start off for free. The website will be very basic at the output, yet you can always turn to premium features. The first thing to do is to get rid of the part in the domain name. After you do that, your site will look more professional and original. However, in order to do that, you will have to get a yearly subscription package.

  • Tumblr

A very popular platform with original specifics. Like, for instance, there are possibilities for reblogging, following other authors, and being followed. The features may bring to mind something of the social network kind. Tumblr is also available for free and paid.

  • Squarespace

In wide circles, Squarespace is known as a tool for creative individuals. It enables anyone to create a beautifully looking pages by the means of dragging and dropping. Thousands of ragtag templates for design will suffice the strive for creative expression of the most demanding users!

We’ve selected the best 3  blog hosting platforms but, of course, there are many more. Thanks to these user-customized and free of charge platforms, there is nothing to stand between instant blogging and promotion of your talent.

Free Blog Hosting Sites

Answering the question of all truth-seekers, yes, free hosting exists. And you may even find lots of free offers on the Internet as well as many positive blog hosting reviews on them. But, can you trust them? Definitely not. At least, not in a way you can trust a top blog hosting provider that will do the job for a minimum fee.

Some of the possible safe solutions are Wix or Weebly. They will service your site for free, giving you the basic resources for web building, design, and data storage. Yet, as usual, you will need to buy a subscription to get rid of “wix” subdomain and diversify the kit of tools.

Besides, the part of resources and services dished out to your site for free is very limited and can pull it until the increase in visitors. Even the slight growth of traffic will make you take measures to make your site keep standing.




We recommend InMotion as the most price-quality rational option.

The very various ones. We’ve seen great traffic on blogs about cooking, cars, style, life of celebrities…and even blogs on making blogs!

Some knowledge of HTML may be helpful, yet, not essential. There are thousands of bloggers of ages 10 to 80 who do what they like without coding and learning tech subtleties.