Best Reseller Hosting Plans for 2020

We’ve all come across amazing stories of people becoming online entrepreneurs in various ways. Some mine crypto, others get thousands of followers or subscribers, creating online resale shops on shopify, etc, etc. There is an easier way you can do it with the help (or without the help) of your site.

No, we are not talking about profits that your personal site is going to bring, that is not the case. Making a good living selling online hosting? We are talking about you turning to be a hosting provider! What that suggests and how anyone (with or without prior experience) can do it – is what we are going to help you learn with this article.

For now, let’s review the best providers that can help you turn the dream into reality. We’ve selected four of them that guarantee truly the best reseller hosting for you and your soon-to-be customers.

Top 4 reseller web hosting

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Starting at


  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL
  • Free 24/7 support


hosting expert review


eWeb Expert

If you think that purchasing a plan for reselling is a costly investment, we assure you, it is quite the opposite with InMotion. The starting asking price of plans is $14 per month, you have the possibility to distribute the disk space and services at hand among as many sites as it can locate. The diversity of plans allow to scale up to $90 per month to receive 260 GB of disk space for additional selling possibilities.


best choice


Starting at


  • 2 websites
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • free domain registration
  • 100 GB of disk space


hosting expert review


eWeb Expert

The second recommended provider is Host Papa. They keep pricing just a little above average while offering more extras. As a point in case, for a $100 Titanium package, you receive 200 GB of storage on SSD, which is possible with other providers for a lower price. Reseller plans from this provider have money-back guarantee, so in the event something does not work out, it is possible to get away with it without losses.



Starting at


  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime


hosting expert review


eWeb Expert

Probably the most affordable prices reside on Start reselling hosting having initially invested $20-$25 of your savings. While receiving a bit less in terms of storage and bandwidth, you avoid hundreds of dollars of expenditures yearly. However, chances are, you will need to pay additionally for emails, web builders, and other tools not included into the kit.



Starting at


  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL & Domain
  • Security & Updates


hosting expert review


eWeb Expert

Reseller plans, specifically designed for comfortable management by people of all kinds of backgrounds. It means you can leave the no-experience, no-knowledge, or no-preparation doubts aside. There are solutions for every level of professional confidence. Also, SiteGround is probably the most low-cost reseller hosting to be found. 

Although, if you are an experienced in hosting management, buy cheap plans and resell professionally. Needless to say, you got to be more than adept to be able to deal with managing hosting of your own and that of your vendees.

If you need a more detailed information, find reseller hosting reviews on each company on our main page.

What is reseller hosting

It is the division of resources of a physical or virtual server for the purpose of their further resale under another brand. The practices of reselling can be compared buying a franchise of a very popular business, yet, with the right to rename and manage it as you see fit. 

In this case, the reseller can either purchase a server and divide it into packages on their own, or use a ready-made solution from the hosting company. 

The advantage for the reseller is that the hardware and the organization of its work (maintenance of the physical server, cooperation with the data center) is taken over by the main provider. 

Reseller hosting is, for the most part, a virtual or a so-called shared type, but with the possibility to trade with hosting services awarded to a buyer. Usually, you can decide what type of services you’d like to provide, be it a cloud hosting or shared. 

Some limitations, however, concern the dedicated servers. As a reseller, you can rent out parts of server, and not the whole server.       



What is WHM

WHM (Web Host Manager) is a devised web interface (control panel) to govern the hosting account and the server itself. As you might have guessed, this is an alternative to a well-established cPanel, however, quite a bit different. 

First of all, WHM control panel is designed to simplify the management of server and of administrator accounts, while CPanel control panel is designed to manage solely the account. Although often, when speaking about Cpanel, people mean WHM + Cpanel because they are provided in one package.

WHM includes a variety of functions, starting with account creation to configuration and management of various services on the server (PHP, mail server exim, apache, mysql, DNS server, etc.). It is pointless to list all the functions, as there are a too many of them.

With WHM panel you can easily create an account with a specific hosting plan. Such a plan includes limits that the administrator establishes  for an account, such as: the number of domain names in the account, the number of email accounts that can be created, the number of subdomains, FTP accounts, disk space on the server, the amount of data transmitted through the web server, etc. 

WHM panel provides the ability to create a template plan , which will be duplicated on all accounts. This can greatly facilitate the work, as you do not have to set limits on the account each time. In addition, you can create several templates, as there may be several hosting plans for various prices.

cPanel reseller hosting

The rage of features of Cpanel is broad enough so that it enables one to perform many functions of account management. First and foremost, Cpanel control panel allows you to manage the accounts that you, as a server lessor, created.  

For example, it allows you to create email accounts, add domain names to your account, create FTP accounts and databases, provides database management using PhPMyAdmin, deny access to folders, edit files, etc. These are only some of the features of this control panel.

As a reseller, cPanel allows you to create, delete, configure various plans and, thus, provide  hosting access to users. The control panel itself does not typically include tools to automate the creation, modification, or removal of user accounts, nor does it include a payment acceptance system. Therefore, for the convenience of these actions, the specific system is used, like for example, WHMCS and BILLmanager — software for managing services and customer accounts, in particular, to automate receiving and processing of payments.

Based on our vision, InMotion is the top reselling web hosting that comes with cPanel. Neither you nor your customers will have problems with managing their hosting by themselves with reseller accounts equipt by cPanel. And you, of course, will be by the side of your customers to assist in other matters that may emerge.         

What about the support? 

When becoming a reseller, you are kind of becoming a support yourself – to your clients. At this point, it is important delineate the spheres of involvement of a main provider and a hosting reseller.


  • provides and monitors the hardware;
  • administrative management of servers;
  • tech support to the reseller. 


  • creates accounts and sets prices; 
  • provides services to her clients under her brand;
  • tech support to the end users-clients.

Clients usually don’t know if they buy packages from an original providers or from website hosting resellers. Which is why, the quality of services that you, as a potential web hosting reseller, are going to give, will decide the experience of your clients with hosting.

Best Linux reseller hosting

The alternative Windows vs Linux rarely arises for mainstream reseller web hosting users because of the wide affordability and open-source nature of the Linux-based software. 

Unlike Windows reseller hosting, Linux is by far much more widely used operating system in the hosting industry. As compared with Windows, buying Linux-based servers requires much less expenses in terms of license fees. With Linux software, you simply don’t pay any. It means minimization of expenses without cuts on quality. Quite a feasible explanation to why even the best Windows reseller hosting won’t be as good as its counterpart.   

What are the defining arguments in favor of unlimited Linux reseller hosting as compared with Windows? We’ve made a short comparative table for illustration.

Expensive (license fees) Low-cost (due to open-source software)
Limited Compatibility (compatible mainly with Windows-designated soft and tools) Compatible across software and operating systems
Stable Performance Stable Performance
Average flexibility Flexible
Used by big businesses mainly. Widely used by small-medium companies and individuals
Possible security issues  Secure


Do not take us wrong: we do not claim Windows resellers hosting plans to be all that bad. It is all about the consolidated picture of pros and cons, and about picking the most feasible version. And we think that Linux is more applicable in hosting environment due to the wide range of possibilities and applications that are free for use.  

To sum it up, the characteristic specs of Linux reseller hosting include: 

  1. Free control panels included in the majority of packages (WHM and cPanel);
  2. Instant installation options for CMSs, eCommerce, and SEO tools; 
  3. Always-present support;
  4. Free migration possibilities;
  5. Money-back guarantee. 

Along with Linux, we usually recommend getting cPanel reseller packages. Which is why, InMotion is our unchangeable leader in the ranking of Linux reseller suppliers. It is a unchangeable choice of users who need quality and cheap reseller hosting. No matter which plan you decide to choose, InMotion will equip you with unlimited cPanels – which means every of your clients will end up with the most convenient and user-friendly control panel at their disposal. 



Best WordPress reseller hosting

WordPress is one-of-the-kind CMS that comes as additional software with all popular hosting packages. The perks of WordPress reseller hosting is that you can be 100% you’ll get a package plan that is compatible with WP.       

SiteGround has become a leader of WP-oriented reseller hosting. It has the capacities to grant its users downtime-resistant server environment. The greater assurance is added due to SSD servers and compatibility with open-source tools, databases, and programming languages.      



Best cheap reseller hosting

When deciding to get into the venture with website hosting reselling you probably want to get the most low-cost start possible. Firstly, it is because we are naturally afraid of losses and money-back guarantee is a kind of buffer to preventing them. Secondly, by spending less we don’t need to resell accounts at very high prices to return the invested money. 

Luckily, choosing one of the best hosting reseller brands, you are basically assuring that no matter how little money you are going to acquire the package for, you will still be able to provide the best reseller web hosting to your potential customers.   

Host Papa

We weren’t able to find anything as cheap and as good on the market. Host Papa is on top of web host resell business these days, and is getting more and more followers. The reason for popularity is mainly due to the wide list of responsibilities that their support should provide. It is especially convenient for those who try to promote their reseller hosting plans, yet are not very tech savvy. This makes Host Papa a perfect option for beginners in this business. 




Well, for starters, you need to research the companies that offer this type of services (charts like top 10 reseller hosting providers.) Having picked one that satisfies you in terms of price and quality, decide on your needs. 

Are you going to specialize in reselling or is it going to be just a small side income? Where are your customers be located (most likely)? Based on your preliminary suppositions, buy a plan that reflects the scale of the project ahead. 

After renting a server space, create accounts and start reselling.

As a rule, the word “unlimited” concerns:  

  1. Disc Space
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Number of Domains
  4. Number of cPanels
  5. Configuration possibilities and support.

However, as practice shows, there is nothing unlimited. Every package offers resources that should be enough, on average – to an average website-user of any given hosting type. However, virtually any plan tend to show its ‘limitness’ as traffic growth occurs.   

Yes, and you can become a cloud reseller hosting provider via one of the hosting reseller programs offered by top providers.

We name SiteGround as the best choice of web designers. It offers a range of tools and extras that can find a broad application among designers.

You will receive a disk space on a SSD server. It is a better and faster alternative to old-fashioned HDD servers. The majority of companies today provide plans on SSD servers, however, it is better to ask if the type of server is not identified.